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Patio Pavers in Boston

patio pavers When preparing to design and build a patio with patio pavers in Boston there is only one place to call, Callaghan Masonry. Living in the Boston area, a house is not a home without a patio to enjoy our beautiful scenery and weather. With all of the historic buildings gracing our city, chances are your home may have some historic attributes or at least traditional ones. We work extensively with period pieces and understand the importance of making any additions look like they are a part of the home. For the newer homes and businesses, we are versatile enough to build out a modern space to relax and entertain.

Experienced Masons
Choosing Callaghan Masonry for patio pavers in Boston means choosing quality. Trained masons can lay and mortar stone that will stand the test of time versus a slab patio that is more prone to chips and cracking or a dry laid patio that can be easily displaced just by someone walking across it. Stone patio pavers and mortar can take a beating and still look phenomenal. When deciding on a professional, choose someone with 37 years of experience beautifying homes.

Design Experts
We have a large selection of natural or manufactured stone patios. Come down to the showroom, and we can help you make the decision of which patio pavers in Boston will complete the look you desire. There are many things you might expect to use your patio for, and these things influence what types of patio pavers you’ll choose during the design process. Here are some of the things you might consider doing with your patio area:

  • Are you a culinary master? A built-in grill would add flair to your patio that would take your next backyard soiree to the next level.
  • Store-bought patio chairs typically only last a season or two before they have to be replaced. Even the most durable patio chairs will go out of style within a few years. Fading in the sun and blowing over on windy days, they are often more hassle than they are worth. Consider having Callaghan Masonry handcraft stone benches in your patio area. You’ll have no worries of them looking dated after just a few months. Custom built stone seating on your patio is not only a smart choice, it is a sophisticated one.
  • The northeast can be a cold place. We can help add warmth to your patio area so you can enjoy it all year long. We can add a space for patio heaters that hides all the unsightly metal and has them blend in with the patio, while still providing a function to help you enjoy the outdoors as long into the season as possible.
  • Do you have a green thumb? Let us incorporate a place for you to grow a beautiful garden amongst your patio pavers in Boston. A blooming flower bed looks even more beautiful when it is bordered by stone custom selected by you.
  • Kids love to roast marshmallow over a fire. We can't go camping all the time, so bring the campfire home with a custom stone laid fire pit. Built into the ground or higher up to get a great view of the flames, a fire pit adds the “wow” factor to a patio that so many people are searching for.

install patio paversMaking the decision of who will build this space and make your backyard dreams become a reality is one to take seriously. Callaghan has 37 years of experience in the industry building countless homes, patios, fireplaces, stairs and driveways. There is nothing you want that we cannot handle.

We are more than happy to provide references of satisfied customers to give you the assurance that by choosing us for patio pavers in Boston, you are choosing the best. We believe in being punctual, prompt and not wasting your valuable time by extending the job beyond the necessary amount of time. We are here to help you complete your dream home.