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Masonry Contractor Boston
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Masonry Repair in Boston

masonry repairOur team provides professional masonry repair in Boston. We have extensive experience working with both architects and conservation specialists to ensure that your commercial property is restored properly. And we will take every element of your building’s needs into consideration, before our work begins.

Doing Things Right
Before you enter into a contractual agreement with any tradesman for your masonry repair in Boston, be sure to take the time to find out if they are aware of the following three things:

  1. Failing mortar cannot simply be re-pointed using any combination of materials
  2. Bricks and stones must be matched according to their durability, color and appearance
  3. Modern tools may simplify some elements of a project, but they are not always useful when dealing with delicate masonry materials that require greater care for preservation

Re-pointing brick is the process of removing old mortar from the joints of your masonry building and replacing it with fresh mortar. Not all mortars are the same – neither in color nor in performance. So when your commercial property undergoes re-pointing, it is essential that the same combination of mortar materials be used.

Another form of masonry repair in Boston; Replacing bricks and stones must be done with great consideration for their strength and color as well as their appearance. It would not make sense to replace an old, light-terra cotta brick with worn edges with a new, dark, red-brown brick with crisp, clean edges. This would diminish the historical appearance of the building, and even potentially lead to material damages.

Grinders and saws can be ideal for digging into joints and removing old mortar. However, they can also be damaging to older masonry materials and lead to further deterioration, if they are not used properly – or used on materials that require greater care. Sometimes the best way to get things done is by taking your time and using an old fashioned manual chisel. Manually removing cracked and crumbling mortar joints is definitely more time consuming, but it is sometimes necessary in order to produce quality results and to protect delicate bricks and stones.

Painted Bricks
Removing paint from masonry is something that takes a great deal of patience and skill. Because bricks and stones are porous, paint is often absorbed into the nooks and crannies of the masonry units, making it more difficult to remove. However, with the right combination of tools and treatments – and again patience – your painted bricks can be exposed and refurbished to a beautiful finish.

Depending upon the age and condition of your masonry walls, chemical strippers or sandblasting may be utilized to remove paint – or a combination of both. Chemical removal methods require great care in both application and removal, and sandblasting must be done with a gentle hand to ensure that any unnecessary surface damages are avoided.

Stucco Repair and Replacement

repair masonryStucco can last for hundreds of years, when it is applied and maintained properly. The greatest culprits of stucco damage are structural shifting and settling; salt deposits; the freezing of sub-surface water, and; plants growing up its sides.

  • Because stucco is a hard-setting material, it has no give or flexibility whenever structural shifting or settling occurs, which leads to cracking and detachment from underlying materials.
  • Salt deposits occur when salt-containing water is absorbed by the stucco and then evaporates. Because salt is a mineral, it is too heavy to be carried away into the atmosphere with the water, and, therefore, leaves unsightly deposits. If left untreated, salt deposits will continue to grow and deteriorate your stucco.
  • Water trapped beneath the surface of your stucco will expand when freezing temperatures occur and cause it to crack and crumble, exposing your home to water infiltration and damage.
  • Plants, such as ivy, growing up the side of your home are truly beautiful, but if left unattended, the roots and shoots will burrow into your stucco and create cracks and holes.

Achieving a successful repair or refurbishment project is always based upon the care and attention given to the finer details of the work. So if your commercial property is in need of masonry repair in Boston, call our team today. We are dedicated to producing quality results and understand the importance of the work that we do.