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Commercial Restoration in Wellesley

commercial restorationLet us help you with your commercial restoration in Wellesley. We know that your business property is more than just a building. It is a part of our city’s history, and in some cases, it is a physical representation of the work performed by masonry artisans in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Brick and Masonry Replacements

Don’t worry if your commercial restoration in Wellesley involves replacing bricks or stones. We go to great lengths to ensure that the masonry units we use to replace your broken or damaged bricks or stones are an ideal match for your project. We have worked extensively with the conservation and historical societies of Boston and have been able to restore some of the very oldest commercial buildings in the city.

  • If you have an older masonry structure, you can often find some leftover building materials from the original construction down in the basement or even in the attic.
  • If you insist on getting rid of any stacks of bricks that you have in your basement or attic, please call the local historical or conservation society. They may be able to use your bricks in a preservation project or get them into the hands of someone who could really use them.

Mortar Repair

Mortar repair and replacement is one of the most involved processes, during any commercial restoration in Wellesley. Just like replacing bricks or stones in a damaged masonry wall, it is essential that the new mortar used to repair – or “re-point” – your property matches the original mortar. This is not simply for the sake of appearances, though. It is also for the sake of functionality. Mortar is not merely the “glue” that holds masonry units together; it is a fully functional and important element of your building as a whole.

Mortar works as a cushion to support bricks and stones as they expand and contract and shift with the weather and seismic activity. Mortar is also a part of the “waterproofing” system of your masonry structure. Mortar joints guide rainwater and dew and melted snow away from the bricks and stones, protecting them from efflorescence (salt deposits) and freezing.

  • Making precise mortar combinations for your commercial restoration in Wellesley is pivotal to the success of your project. Not only do you want visually seamless results but also stability and performance.
  • Mortar in older homes can be comprised of a variety of combinations of ingredients that range from lime and horsehair to half lime and half Portland cement. Our team can have your mortar analyzed to determine its recipe, in order to completely re-create it, giving you a flawless finish.

masonry restorationRepairing Stucco
Structural settling, the weather and plants growing up the side of your commercial property can all lead to cracks in stucco. Cracked stucco can make your commercial property look much older than it may be or give it a rundown appearance, which isn’t exactly inviting for customers and other potential clients. However, the greater problem with cracked stucco is water infiltration. Water seeping in between your stucco and its underlayment can lead to wood rot, mold growth and insect infestations; damages that can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars to repair. Our team has vast experience with commercial restoration in Wellesley, and we can make your deteriorating stucco look just like new.

Removing Paint from Masonry
Removing paint from bricks and stones is challenging, no matter which method of removal is used. It is simply the nature of the material.

  • Sandblasting will remove paint from masonry. However, it is not recommended for removing paint from structures with damaged bricks or stones or crumbling mortar joints.
  • Lye or sodium hydroxide can be used to remove paint from your bricks and stones. However, this process is very delicate and requires special equipment and handling.
  • It must be said that there is no fast or easy way to strip paint from masonry. However, it can be done. It just has to be done with patience and great consideration for the age and condition of the masonry that is being restored.

If your commercial masonry property is in need of restoration, give us a call and schedule your free consultation and estimate.