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Commercial Building Construction in Newton

commercial building construction Our team performs commercial building construction in Newton and throughout eastern Massachusetts. We have extensive experience working with both architects and engineers. So, if you are considering a large-scale construction project, give us a call.

Keeping the elements of your construction project in order can be challenging. Building and zoning codes are different throughout the city. So, what might be permissible in one section of town isn’t necessarily going to be permissible in your district. For instance, buildings built on or near Copley Square cannot exceed a height of 90 feet; buildings outside of this district, unless otherwise restricted, may not exceed a maximum height of 125 feet – or two and a half times the widths of the streets upon which they are built.

  • All permanent structures more than 20 feet high and constructed with flat roofs must be built with a permanent access point to the rooftop.
  • All business properties with multiple stories and more than 10 people working above the second floor must be built with a fireproof stairwell enclosed in incombustible material.
  • Laws pertaining to commercial building construction in Newton require that every building has at least one water closet for every 20 people employed, and if the workplace is occupied by both men and women, separate gender-specific restrooms must be provided.

Zoning and Permitting
One of the most important steps to take as you begin your commercial building construction in Newton is contacting the appropriate zoning and permitting committees to get your project off the ground. We know how confusing that can be, because there is more than a single committee that oversees building projects in the city. Every project has to be reviewed to ensure that its plans are in compliance with the building, plumbing, electrical, fire and zoning codes – in addition to any other “special” codes associated with the construction project’s size or location.

The plans for any building being constructed within 100 feet of a park or parkway must be reviewed and cleared by the Parks Department. Approval must be sought from the Environmental Department for any structures being erected over wetlands. New construction taking place in historical districts must be cleared by the Landmarks Department, and, in certain instances, the Boston Redevelopment Authority must be contacted for plan reviews as well.

commercial building contractorZoning codes were enacted to protect districts and neighborhoods from the construction of buildings that do not fit the theme, context or function of the neighborhood itself. If you are working with an architect, be sure to talk to them about which committees they will be contacting in order to get your plans approved. Violations of zoning and building codes can result in lengthy and expensive delays, harsh fines and even tear-downs of whatever structures were erected without committee approval. This is one aspect of the building process that you do not want to overlook, and, if you have any questions, we will be happy to provide you with the answers and guidance that you need to bring your project to a successful conclusion.

Minding the Details
We take every element of your commercial building construction in Newton into consideration, before we provide you with an estimate or timeline for completion.

  • We can help you develop the preliminary scope of your project.
  • Help you design the layout of the rooms in your building, making sure to incorporate the necessary elements required by the city’s building codes.
  • Develop an overall strategy for the project and work out an estimate along with a timeline.
  • We will help you design a structure that allows you to make full use of the maximum building area of the site.
  • Discuss building material options with you and make you aware of pros and cons of each.
  • Help you create dimensional plans that define building sections and elevations.
  • Submit plans to the proper building authorities and committees for approval.
  • Once approval is granted, we will commence with your commercial building construction in Newton.

With more than 37 years of experience and a solid dedication to customer service, you will undoubtedly be amazed by what can create working together. Call now and schedule your free estimate.