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Masonry Contractor Boston
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Commercial Construction Contractor in Boston

commercial construction contractorAs a commercial construction contractor in Boston, Callaghan Masonry has the reputation and personal service necessary for all types of jobs.

Masonry is one of the most highly durable forms of construction but depends on the materials used and the quality of the workmanship. With over 35 years of Experience as a commercial construction contractor in the Boston area, what you can expect from Callaghan Masonry is peace of mind. The knowledge that their craftsmanship is exquisite will separate your expectations of them from the rest. Whether it’s restoring the architecture by grinding and re-pointing stone and brick walkways or a new construction like a patio, Callaghan has the detail and focus required of a tempered craftsman.

Many people wonder what the effects of second rate work will have on the future of their property value, possibly the overall appearance of their businesses. A natural response is to rush out and search endlessly for a commercial construction contractor in Boston that is efficient and competitive. They might spend days and possibly hundreds of dollars acquiring estimates and projections, never knowing if the work will stand up to their expectations.

What You Need Out of an Estimate
When a company boasts about large projects and over the top qualifications, they’re building a profile with you. When they promise the world but can’t even answer the phone to respond to your reasonable questions, it overcomplicates and inconveniences the experience of solving a relatively simple problem which is attending to your needs as a customer.

At Callaghan Masonry you get a personal experience that you recognize right from the moment you speak with one of their knowledgeable representatives. With 25 years specializing in Boston architecture, you don’t need to worry about a company with obscure references. They will offer you a free estimate and consultation ensuring a competitive estimate and a real person to answer your important questions. With this hassle free service you can feel comfortable that you’re dealing with people you trust.

Two important qualities in a commercial construction contractor in Boston are punctuality and duration. You want to be able to anticipate the arrival of any quality professional, and they should be able to provide you with a reasonable estimation of when to expect the work to be completed. The impeccable timeliness Callaghan Masonry provides affords a customer the ease of knowing that their lives can run a little more smoothly without the unpredictability of lesser professionals. This also means a reduced disruption to your household, which is something everyone can enjoy.

Large or Small, You want someone who can do it all
When choosing a masonry company one must be concerned with the repertoire of work that makes it diverse and adaptable. A large body of experience is essential to draw upon when tricky things like mortar matching come into question. The folks at Callaghan Masonry can work on a chimney or fireplace as easily as they can construct an elevator shaft for an apartment property. They can repair or replace the molding on a business or arrange garden walls to be built around a private seating area for clients. A versatile and experienced staff make a huge impact on the decision of whom to entrust the accents of your business.

A few advantages to properly kept stonework

  • Materials used in masonry can increase the energy efficiency of a building because they are slow to absorb or release heat.
  • Most types of stones and bricks used in masonry do not require painting, and so you'll save on re-painting every few years.
  • Masonry materials do not burn in a fire, which is added protection for your business.
  • Masonry walls can withstand projectiles like debris from hurricanes or tornadoes.

One of the very few disadvantages to masonry is that so few people are properly skilled in this craft. With commercial construction contractors in Boston offering simpler means of construction, less and less attention is devoted to the details that were once the pride of a business’s appearance. A skilled mason, like the ones at Callaghan Masonry, can offer you one of the simplest pleasures in life.